What is this blog about? It's a mish mosh of my ramblings about home, work, my constant quest for good coffee and my wonderment why I never sleep. It's a little of this and a little of that with a whole lot of WTH mixed in for good measure :)

Friday, February 29

The Kalahari Kowabunga!

We had an awesome time celebrating Logan's birthday this year! We packed up the mini and headed to The Kalahari Resort and Indoor Waterpark in Sandusky from Saturday until Monday. It was amazing and the kids had a blast. We swam, ate, limbo-ed, played golf, played arcade games and rode the waves. We had Logan's presents and baloons all set up when he woke up on Sunday morning. We ate birthday cake for breakfast. It was so much fun and I wish we could do it everyday.
Here's my Lightening McQueen cruising down the halls in Cars Crocs
Bathing Beauty
The Limbo KING!
Mommy with a fu-fu umbrella drink
So pretty (eating a VERY unsanitary ballpit ball...PUKE!)
Breakfast is served!
The Loot

On Tuesday we celebrated....again! Logan had a snow day (so much for the #5 cookies I made for the class!). We picked up Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Fannie and Daddy and Uncle Shawn met us at Chuck E. Cheese. We literally had the place to ourselves because we were the only people who managed to get out in the blizzard. We had a fun time and Logan LOVES the Chuckster.

Yeah, this guy's da man!

Not so sure about this ride thing Uncle Shawn kicking major 80's butt in arcade games!
A boy and his cake

Finally, we capped off birthday celebrations on Wednesday at school. Devon and I visited the class with treats (the #5 cookies made it along with some cupcakes). I love Logan's class and feel so sentimental that this is his last year of pre-school. Next year, he is on to the Big League of Kindergarten.

Logan and his teacher
Snacky, snack, snack, snack (ala Yo Gabba Gabba)

Friday, February 22

My Baby is Growing Up!

Logan turns 5 on Sunday. Where has the time gone? It feels like just yesterday that I wondered if the cramps that were "coming and going" were actually labor...lol.

This remarkable little boy has changed our lives for nothing but the better and he brightens everyone's day everywhere he goes. His smile is beacon and his laugh makes your heart warm. He is my little hero and has accomplished more in his 5 years than many can do in a lifetime.

I'm lucky to be Logan's mom. I love him with every ounce of my heart and soul.

We are taking the kids to Kalahari waterpark to celebrate his birthday so I will be sure to post pics when we get back.

Tuesday, February 19

My Funny Valentine's

Logan's teachers are always coming up with cute ways to thrill parents. After his fun Valentine's Day party, I got the adorable letter in the mail. I think it is soooo precious! He also made me a darling beaded necklace that I proudly wore out to dinner that night. Everyday with Curly, Logan and Devon feels like Valentine's Day. I'm the luckiest momma and wife in the the world :)
Here are some more pictures from our Love Day :)

Eat your heart out Martha! LOL

Monday, February 4

Look Who's "SPEC"-tacular!

How cute is Logey in his specs?? We just got home from picking up his vision therapy glasses. I think he looks adorable :) He loves wearing them and so far doesn't want to take them off. He's such a big, sophisticated man :)

BEAT IT Bug-ga-boo's!

Wanna hear how long Curly had to wait with Devon at the Children's Hospital ER today to see a Dr?? 5 hours! Can you flippin' believe that nonsense? Poor little chica has RSV....basically a raw deal of a bad cough, excessively runny nose, fever and sleeplessness. Yep.....no sleep. I am thankful beyond belief that Logan is adapting well to the sleep medicine presecribed to him. I am fall-down-on-my-knees thankful because a good night's sleep for him changes his ENTIRE perspective on the day. Better living through pharmalogical (sp?) advances is GOOD.

On a fun and happy note....Devon received her 1st Valentine yesterday from her amiga Sophia. She was so happy to see Sophia all dressed up in her Princess gear. Then she tried to eat the card....lol. Lisa, your daughter is so precious!

Look at her sick little eyes. Bless her heart :)