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Sunday, September 21

One Week Until The Walk!

I am humbled to announce that our Walk for Autism team is in 1st place! Our little grassroot's team has out-fundraised some big names in the Cleveland autism community. I am so proud!

Please consider making a small donation to our team. Just $5 or $10 dollars makes a difference!

I'm just a little under hitting my personal goal for The Puzzle Pal's team. Help a momma out :)

Wednesday, September 17

Running With Scissors, sort of

Some things are best left to the professionals. For example artfully preparing fois grois, representing ones self in legal matters and trimming the bangs of an almost 2 year old that has NO desire to sit still. Ergo, the literal running with scissors. Devon's bangs were getting long and I was feeling too cheap to go the fancy kid salon so I took matters (and scissors) into my own hands. She ran around the living room and laughed and I chased her and mumbled under my breath. Her perfectly straight hair is a wee bit crooked. Needless to say, she will be sporting little fountain ponytails for a while and I will never attempt this haircutting business again! She's smiling because she hasn't looked into a mirror yet to see what I did
Ketchup makes perfect lipstick

All pulled up....no one is the wiser

She still loves me :)

Saturday, September 6

The Start of Fall Soccer

Logan's Fall soccer season started today. Logan is playing in a league a little closer to home and I'm happy for that on Saturday morning ;) He did a really great job. They had to wear those scrimmage shirts which really bugged him. His was purple and he said that he was on the red team, not the purple team. Plus it itched. We ditched the scrimmage shirt. His Buddy is soooo sweet and I think Logan has another Buddy crush....lol.

Wednesday, September 3

Hey Mickey......Here We Come!

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I am sooooo excited to say that we are going to DISNEY in October! I've been a Disney fan practically since birth and I got Curly hooked when we went there for our honeymoon. Logan had to love it because he rode Space Mountain before I knew that I was pregnant (doh!). This will be Devon's 1st trip. The last time we were there was in September of 2006. We dropped off our adoption dossier in the Fed Ex box before getting on the plane so she was there in our hearts.