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Saturday, September 6

The Start of Fall Soccer

Logan's Fall soccer season started today. Logan is playing in a league a little closer to home and I'm happy for that on Saturday morning ;) He did a really great job. They had to wear those scrimmage shirts which really bugged him. His was purple and he said that he was on the red team, not the purple team. Plus it itched. We ditched the scrimmage shirt. His Buddy is soooo sweet and I think Logan has another Buddy crush....lol.


  1. Tara and Curly,
    Simply adorable. They are getting sooo big. Thanks for sharing:) GO BROWNS!

  2. Love the picture of Devon and soccer ball:-) Hope it's a great season for him!!! We aren't doing any fall sports here...which is kind of a good thing because I don't know if I could find the time to fit it all in to our busy schedule!!

  3. Ahhh, those are so precious and I am so happy that they understand that he just didn't want to wear the jersey :-) We have alot we could chat about with our sons and also just brought in Katie to a specialist who's primary specialty is autism and speaks all over the world (just returned from Australia)when we were there with Katie. Please please keep in touch and if ever you feel more like chatting some time, always know I am always available to chat on phone too :-)

    BIG BIG hugs, Rhonda

  4. a crush....he is too young to have a crush! He looks so cute! that suck that he didn't like his jersey but at least he looks good in it right! Of course Miss Devon is adorable!

  5. What a little soccer cutie!! They're going to need to start giving him the 'ugly buddies'. lol Devon looks like she's ready to SCORE!

  6. Hey girl we are going to Disney in OCT too...well actually we are probally moving there in the next year...to Celebration that is....FUN FUN FUN I can't wait. HUGS