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Thursday, August 21

Logan Started Kindergarten Today!

My little man joined the big leagues and started Kindergarten today! I cannot believe how grown up he is! He was honestly so excited to head back to school and I was so happy for him. He now goes every day, all day and I missed him like crazy today. Today was an orientation where I drove him in and he rode the bus home. Tomorrow starts the 1st day with the whole class and riding the bus back and forth. I'm so proud of him!!

Here is Logan with his new teacher

Smiling with his backpack in the hallway

Posing with his buddy and sissy

Here comes the bus!

Climbing off the bus from the front seat

Devon and I played around with camera outside while we were waiting for Logan to come home. Here is my sweet little ham :)

Tuesday, August 19

Our Hilton Head, SC Vacation

So, I bet you thought I dropped off of the face of the earth, eh? Nope! We just got back from a 10 day relaxing (haha!) vacation in Hilton Head. I'll tell you, all things considered, we had a GREAT time. It was low key and we had time to do what ever we wanted and just got to be a family. That was an awesome feeling.

It's ab0ut 12 hours from us so we stopped the 1st night in Charlotte, NC. We had some insanely awesome BBQ (we stopped here on our last trip through) and laughs at The Residence Inn. We took our time the next day getting to our condo in HH. It was on a golf course (foooooooooore! I wanted to scream soooo bad from the patio) and decorated so nicely. We each had our own bedroom which sort of help keep with our at home sleep routines. The pool was amazing. It was one of those zero depth ones where the kids can just walk in to and it had tons of sprinklers and water thing-a-ma-jigs that kept my kiddos VERY busy all week. The beach was about a mile a way. We didn't go there as often as I would have liked (the sand was white and the water was warm) because Logan had some "issues" thanks to a few too many Sponge Bob episodes (grrrrrr!) but I've learned to pick my battles and serenity on vacation was what I was looking for :)

We had so much fun swimming and shopping (weeeeeee!) and playing min-golf and eating ice cream (every night!) that it was hard to come to real life. But we're here now and real life is still a pretty happy place to be :)

Here are my 10 zillion pics:

Logan in his bed

The Kitchen

The Living Room & Patio

Logan giving "the Fonz"

Playing Ping Pong -- My Olympic Hopefuls :)

Logan zipping around the wharf at The Salty Dog
Shy? Are you kidding me?

Ice Cream Social -- Don't they look thrilled??

My honey and me

Precious as always

Sipping her Lemonade

Say "Cheese" if you loves the ice cream!

Pretty Boats

My Beach Bugs

This was Devon's 1st trip to the ocean. She looooooved the sand!

In the stockade at "Pirate Golf"

Devon's 1st time playing Putt-Putt

Logan being a cool dude on stage with an odd magician man

Devon mesmerized that Big Bro was doing magic
Ahhhhhhh, more ice cream!

It rained one day and Logan scored a Nintendo DS Lite & Mario

How cute is Devon here??

Get Down, Get Down!

The Sprinkler Queen!

Logan floating in the pool

This alligator lived in the pond by the pool. He was real! There were signs posted "Do NOT Feed Alligators: $10,000 Fine!" I wasn't looking to be gator bait!

Totally blurry but me and the love bugs :)
My dudes :)

My Princessa and me

I tried soooo hard to get a picture of them together. I tried, I swear! They were too busy having fun to pose.

My camera survived this sand storm that Logan launched at me. "Why I am too afraid to by an SLR" by Tara

The happiest little girl on earth

Yes, my son is wearing a funny hat....lol.

I love Devon's smile in this picture

Here are my Disco Fever stars getting down at The Shannon Tanner Show at Shelter Harbor

Logan volunteered to sing a song on stage (!!!)

He busted out "YMCA"

My Brother's kickin' it disco!

Silly Devon at the hotel on the way home in VA